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Kicker’s diary details abuse of wife, leads to ‘exemption’

Josh Brown, placekicker for the New York Giants, has been involved in a long-running scandal of domestic violence. Which he’s having trouble defining. Although he was arrested for assaulting his ex-wife and also for violating a restraining order, he insisted, “I never struck my wife, and never would. Abuse takes many forms and is not a gray area.” And yet, he seems to be living in the gray. His ex-wife, Molly Brown, told police he was physically violent with her on more than 20 occasions. In 2013 Brown underwent therapy sessions and signed a document saying he had emotionally and physically abused Molly. Documents released by police quoted the athlete saying he’s “been a liar for most of my life.” He said he’d been abusive to women for many years, attributing his misbehavior to having been sexually molested at the age of 7. Brown was suspended without pay for the season opener. He’s now on the commissioner’s “exempt” list, meaning he gets paid while awaiting results of an ongoing investigation. The Giants have replaced him with Robbie Gould, formerly of the Chicago Bears.


Fitzpatrick wonders why Jets’ management, coaches doubt him

Ryan Fitzpatrick has difficulty understanding why the New York Jets benched him after he threw an NFL-high 11 interceptions in six games, the last four games being defeats. When his replacement, Geno Smith, suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, Fitzgerald returned to action and led the team to a 24-16 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Instead of enjoying the moment, Fitz in the postgame media conference whined about being disrespected by owner Woody Johnson, general manager Mike Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles. “When the owner stops believing in you and the GM stops believing in you and the coaches stop believing in you,” he said, “sometimes all you have is yourself. That’s something I’ve had to deal with before. That’s something I’m dealing with now.”   Bowles did not appreciate the commentary, but he said, “If pissed-off is going to stop the turnovers, I’m more than happy to have him play pissed-off.”

NotepadDear Fitz: The Jets are paying you $12 million this year. How much more believing do you need?


Bill Murray crashes White House presser to talk about Cubs

Bill Murray crashed the press room at the White House, took to the presidential podium and proceeded to talk about his favorite sports team, the Chicago Cubs. As the Cubs were looking to clinch the National League championship with a win against the LA Dodgers, a reporter jokingly asked the actor, “Mr. President, do you think the Cubs will win?” Murray replied: “I feel very confident. Clayton Kershaw is a great pitcher, but they (Cubs) got too many sticks. It’s the crowd, it’s the weather. You get a little bit of autumn in Chicago; you don’t get that in Los Angeles. Trees just die. In Illinois they flourish.” Murray, who was born in Chicago and is a life-long Cubs fan, expressed confidence that the team will end its century-long “Billy Goat Curse” that supposedly blocks a World Series championship. Murray recently attended a Cubs game wearing a T-shirt proclaiming, “I Ain’t Afraid of No Goat.”


Bridgewater may never play football again, NFL doctors say

The knee injury suffered by Teddy Bridgewater is so severe that some doctors for NFL teams doubt he will play football again. The Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback suffered what is being described as a “dislocated knee.” The injury was so ghastly that some of Bridgewater’s teammates were seen throwing up on the field during practice. ESPN’s Adam Schefter quoted one unnamed NFL doctor saying, “If he didn’t make it back, it wouldn’t surprise me. This is a bad injury, about the worst knee injury a player can have.” Which explains why the Vikings, within several days of surgery on Bridgewater’s torn ACL, traded next year’s first-round draft pick and a conditional fourth-rounder in 2018 for Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford.


Vikings coach stages massacre of stuffed animals

Concerned that his players might become complacent during a bye week that followed a fifth consecutive victory, Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer staged a bizarre scene at the team’s practice facility. He scattered several “slaughtered” stuffed animals about the premises. They were cut open so that stuffing came out. Red paint was splattered on them to simulate blood. Hanging on the largest cat in the locker room was a sign: “Fat Cats Get Slaughtered.” The message seemed to be lost on the players. They came out of their bye week with a dull 21-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

NotepadDear Zim: Isn’t this what’s known as a distraction?

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