Say What?

Belichick, Brady:  midpack in the AFC Easy

Their 2-2 start, including a Monday night 41-14 defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs, is causing media speculation that the New England Patriots are in trouble, despite future Hall of Famers in coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.  The trade of trusty guard Logan Mankins has compromised the pass protection, and with Rob Gronkowski not back to full strength, they have no weapons.  The pipeline of good young players seems to have stopped.  Kevin Blackistone on ESPN’s PTI said:  “They need Belichick to find a better GM than Belichick.”


NFL admits error in ejection of ‘Skins’ Chris Baker

This website has argued that in their zeal to protect quarterbacks, NFL officials often go beyond the rules.  When Philadelphia’s Nick Foles tried to make a tackle after an apparent interception against Washington, he was blocked to the ground by Chris Baker, who was then flagged and ejected from the game.  Troy Vincent, NFL vice president/director of football operations, admitted that was a wrong call, pointing out that “he didn’t hit him in the head; he didn’t hit him in the neck.”  In a tweet, Troy Vincent23 said:  “If QB is pursuing play, he is considered a [potential tackler and can be blocked.”

Baker’s response:  “Thank you Troy Vincent23 for making the right call.”  In another tweet, Baker said:  “I deserve a public apology” for being “talked about by your commentators for just doing my job.” 

Dear Chris:  Don’t hold your breath.  Only once during the Goodell administration has the league apologized for anything, and that was after Ray Rice drew a too-light penalty for punching out a woman.  This does not reach that level of error. 


Gruden not interesting, endlessly contradicting

Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden drew a scathing critique from the The New York Times’ Richard Sandomir for boring commentary.  “I’m still waiting for him to become an interesting and entertaining analyst,” Sandomir wrote.  Some of the writer’s other comments:  speaks “too often in the jargon of coach talk. . .  lacks a storyteller’s gift . . . too fixated on formations . . . couldn’t make up his mind about Geno Smith . . . all over the place in his analysis . . . didn’t explain his points as well as he should have.” 


K-State’s Snyder told to lose the logos on his jacket

Kansas State’s Bill Snyder has predictable game-day attire:  a purple windbreaker adorned with logos of past bowl games.  But the Big 12 office told him the logos must go, because the conference no longer has contracts with some of the bowl games.  So prior to Saturday’s 58-28 crushing of Texas-El Paso, Snyder changed his uniform – to a white windbreaker with no logos.


Is domestic violence acceptable for women?

U.S. Soccer did not disqualify Hope Solo for playing for the national team after she was accused of punching her sister and her 17-year-old nephew in what was described as a drunken brawl at the end of a party.  She has pleaded innocent to assault charges and is scheduled for trial Nov. 4.  Some have cried “double standard” and try to compare Solo’s situation to that of Ray Rice, but there appears to be an enormous difference in damage done.  

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