Say What?

Chamblee says Mickelson lied about Ryder Cup

Golf Channel’s outspoken analyst Brandel Chamblee disputed Phil Mickelson’s complaint that Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson did not consult players about whom they wanted as partners in the international tournament.  Chamblee on the John Feinstein Show: “Phil said they didn’t have any say in this Ryder Cup.  And I know for a fact that all the players were brought together with their caddies, and Tom walked amongst them and said, ‘Tell me who you want to play with.  Write it down on a sheet of paper.’ . . . So what Phil said was not in fact true.”  Then he took a jab at Mickelson’s performance:  “Phil Mickelson has been on the last ten Ryder Cup teams.  They’ve lost eight of them.”


Manziel supports Gurley on autograph flap

When the U. of Georgia suspended Todd Gurley, all but eliminating the Heisman front-runner from contention for college football’s most coveted award, Johnny Manziel came to his defense.  Gurley was suspended indefinitely pending investigation of reports that he sold autographs – the same charge made, though not proved, against Manziel when he was at Texas A&M.  Johnny Football, Heisman winner who’s now a backup QB in Cleveland, feels it’s weong to ban student-athletes from making money for their signatures.  He told  “It’s really hard to decide when someone comes up to you and asks you to sign whether they’re a die-hard fan or are they going to take this back and sell it for their own profit?”


NFL ignored ‘hundreds’ of domestic violence  cases

Former Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo told USA Today

that during his 30 years in the NFL the league did not discipline players in “hundreds and hundreds” of incidents of domestic violence.”  He said the typical response was to inquire, “Is everybody OK?  Yeah.  How are they doing?  Good.  And then we’d just move on. . . . We knew it was wrong.  For whatever reason it just kind of got glossed over. . . . Our business is to win games. . . . We got our priorities a little out of order.”  Angelo, who left the Bears in 2011, said:  “Short of killing somebody, there is absolutely nothing worse than abusing a child or a woman.  Nothing.  And I think everybody understands that now much much better.”


Rex praises Vick for admitting he did not prepare

New York Jets backup QB Mike Vick created a media storm by admitting he wasn’t prepared when coach Rex Ryan called on him to play the second half against San Diego.  “Maybe I didn’t prepare, or I was unprepared,” he said.  “I think I took the scout team for granted.”  The comments provoked criticism about a $5 million backup quarterback on cruise control.  But instead of scolding him for  laziness, Ryan praised Vick for his honesty, saying it “took guts,” and it was “exactly what I want. . . . He knows what’s going to be said about him, yet he chose to take that stand.”


Peterson bond may be revoked for smoking pot

Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson, out on bail while awaiting trial on child abuse charges, risked having his bond revoked by smoking marijuana.  He admitted he had done so, as he was about to take a urinalysis test in Montgomery County, Texas.

Dear AP:  What were you thinking?  Not that smoking weed has ever been connected to child abuse.


Detroit fans use lasers to distract visiting players?

The NFL is investigating complaints from the Buffalo Bills that a laser pointer was aimed at the eyes of quarterback Kyle Orton and holder Colton Schmidt during a game in Detroit.  Ophthalmologist Robert Josephberg told USA Today:  “These things are powerful weapons that can cause very severe damage and blindness.”  The Lions’ front office issued a statement saying Ford Field security “was unable to identify anyone using a laser,” but that “any future occurrence will be dealt with.”


Vikings coach Zimmer promises ‘fines to the max’

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer promised a crackdown after his team lost 17-3 to Detroit.  “I had to fine a lot more guys this week for whatever reason, for being late to meetings.  I’m not going to let them slip. . . .  Like I told them, the fines are going to start going to the max now.”


Jersey high school football players charged for sex crimes

Seven football players for Sayreville War Memorial High (New Jersey sectional champions three of the past four years) were arrested for alleged sexual of four male freshmen in a 10-day period beginning Sept. 19.  The Star-Ledger quoted a parent saying the players as a hazing ritual would pin their victim to the floor and insert a finger into his rectum.  If convicted as juveniles they face possibly five years in custody at a youth facility.  But if the players, all 15-17, are convicted as adults, the same charges carry up to 20 years.

Editorial comment:  By the peculiar logic of American justice, the most disgusting crimes are considered a sign of maturity.


Teenage soccer players tied up autistic teammate?

Two teenage soccer players in the Pittsburgh area are accused of using duct tape to tie a 16-year-old autistic teammate to a goalpost and leaving him there.  Kristie Babinsack told station WPXI she heard her son Austin “bawling.  He was terrified.”  The boy told KDKA that he was taped up for about 15 minutes before he was rescued.  Mrs. Babinsack said her son still went to the team’s soccer game the next day and that he was called a snitch.


Danica writes of ‘crazy’ relationship with fellow driver

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is the latest contributor to Derek Jeter’s surprisingly candid new website, The Players Tribune.  She writes of her relationship with fellow driver Rick Stenhouse Jr.:  “If it’s crazy to want to sleep next to the person who ran your car off the road going 200 miles an hour earlier that day, then I’m certifiable.  Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is a balls-to-the-wall, go-hard-or-go-home, lift-only-when-you-see-God-twice kind of NASCAR driver.  He’s Ford.  I’m Chevy.  It’s the Montagues and the Capulets.  He’s grits.  I’m granola.  We’re opposites in almost every way.  He’s also extremely cuddly, which really helps the cause, because sometimes I’m not very happy with him.”

Dear Danica:  You’re a better writer than you are a driver.

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