Say What?

Assistant coach reportedly told high-schoolers  to hit ref

High school football players tackling a referee during a game?  A football coach telling the players to do that?  That was the bizarre scenario that reportedly unfolded when players for San Antonio’s John Jay High School became enraged by the officiating of a game they were losing 15-9 to Marble Falls.  As shown in YouTube video, one of the angry Mustangs delivered a blindside hit that knocked a referee, Robert Watts, to the ground.  Another Mustang then piled onto the ref as he lay prone.  Sophomore linebacker Victor Rojas and senior defensive back Michael Moreno were suspended by Northside Independent School District pending an investigation.  During the ensuing investigation, players told of an assistant coach telling them:  “That guy needs to pay for cheating us.”  Those words apparently precipitated the run at the ref. 


Briles suspends his son for recruiting violations

Baylor coach Art Briles suspended his offensive coordinator who is also his son, Kevin Briles, after Sports Illustrated reported alleged recruiting improprieties.  The Bears assistant was cited by NCAA investigators for making impermissible contact with recruits at track meets and spring games last May in the Dallas area. The Baylor head coach suspended his son and also receivers coach Tate Wallis for Saturday night’s game against Lamar.


Griffin playing safety on ‘Skins’ scout team

Robert Griffin III has been relegated to No. 3 quarterback on the Washington Redskins and has been playing safety on the scout team in practice sessions.  Griffin, who was Rookie of the Year in 2012, began the preseason as the starting quarterback, but after suffering a concussion he was demoted to the third team, behind Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoyThe team is not likely to play Griffin because his contract is guaranteed for $16.5 million if he is injured.  The money is not guaranteed if he is not injured.


Pacman Jones unpunished for head slam

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has not been fined for slamming the head of Oakland receiver Amari Cooper into his helmet in an NFL game Sunday.  And that turns out to be OK with Cooper.  “Football is a physical game,” Cooper said.  “Things like that happen.  I feel like the refs didn’t see it well.”

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