Say What?

Argument over football leads to a fight – and death

A  Washington Redskins fan pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for killing a man during a fight that ended an argument over football, last December in a Virginia restaurant/bar.  Prosecutors said that during a game between intense rivals Washington and Dallas, 37-year-old Ronnie Cisko punched 46-year-old Charles Setchel in the back of the neck.  The blow was fatal.  Cisko could face a maximum 10-year sentence, but depending on the whims of a judge, the punishment could turn out to be less than 12 months in county jail, plus a fine.


RGIII still a social media star even when not starting

Robert Griffin III, demoted quarterback of the Washington Redskins, remains a media sensation even though he hasn’t played a down this season.  Social media and some mainstream media are slamming him for avoiding his successor, Kirk Cousins.  Shannon Sharpe, former All Pro tight end, said on the Fox One network that Griffin, No. 3 on the depth chart behind Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy, has isolated himself from his teammates, that he and Cousins avoid speaking to each other.  Sharpe’s commentary was refuted by Griffin, Cousins and several teammates.  Griffin tweeted (@RGIII): “When the hate don’t work, they start telling lies.  I guess celebrating that your team won with your teammates is isolating yourself.” 

Just wondering: Would it be better to tweet nothing?  He could have waited for reporters to do their job and expose Sharpe for not knowing what he’s talking about.  Now there will be more distraction – the fallout from Griffin’s sarcastic response. 


Coach quits after admitting he suggested  attack on ref

Mack Breed, the assistant coach who encouraged a blindside attack on a referee by two San Antonio high-schoolers, has resigned.  ESPN’s Outside the Lines reported that Breed admitted to his principal at John Jay High that he suggested the hit that injured referee Robert Watts.  The coach’s attorney, James Reeves, said, “Mack Breed has spent three agonizing weeks contemplating his future since the fateful game in which two players struck a referee.”  The video of the bizarre episode has attracted more than 12 million YouTube viewers.  Watts has disputed Breed’s claim that the ref made racist comments preceeding the hit. 

Between the lines:  The attorney implies that racist language justifies a physical retaliation. 


Bengals’ Andre Smith says Dalton is NFL’s best QB

Andre Smith, right tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals, said on the Jay Mohr sports radio show that Andy Dalton “is the best quarterback in the NFL.”  There may be few NFL players who would agree with Smith, but Dalton has put up impressive numbers in leading Cincy to a 3-0 start.  He’s thrown 8 touchdowns and has one interception so far.


Longhorn lineman says teammate didn’t prepare

Texas Longhorns guard Sedrick Flowers was so upset with the performance of fellow lineman Marcus Hutchins that he called him out in the media for his “lack of preparation.”  Hutchins, a senior who started every game last season, entered Saturday’s game against Oklahoma State late in the third quarter when Kent Perkins suffered a knee injury.  Texas lost 30-27 in the Big 12 opener.  Flowers told the Austin American-Statesman that there was “lack of preparation by the backup.  . . . He just saw this as another week when he was not going to play.  If he would have taken more time in practice and film review, took it more seriously, then it would have been different.”

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