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Videos Compiled by Judge Sallans


Brotherly Love

Westbrook drives in for a ridiculous and one layup then proceeds to learn the true meaning of brotherly love from a Philadelphia fan seated court side.



The bullpens for both the Cubs and Indians have brought them to this point. Chapman continues the trend by recording the final 8 outs to push a Game 6.


Photo Finish

Luckily it doesn’t take knowing the sport of cricket to see that this no-look out is nothing short of amazing.


Video game skill

Spectacular team play highlighted by a no-look back-heel assist to an acrobatic flying finish.

Alternate angles



Tyler Seguin and Mark Scheifele square each other up across the ice in the pre-game warm-up.


Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect continues to live every kid’s dream as they unveil their new playground office. With a warehouse big enough to have separate areas designated to every major sport, it’s safe to say that they have fun at the office.


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