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Euro Final 

An injury to Ronaldo resulted in an early, emotional exit.

Thanks to Eder’s goal in extra time Portugal was able to pull out a win with Ronaldo relegated to the sideline.

The upset of the hosting team lead to this heartfelt moment:



Keith McCants sits down with vice sports and discusses how the painkiller culture in the NFL lead to a debilitating addiction. He has said in the past how he turned to crack because in his post football days that was all he could afford to treat his pain. McCants’ harsh words for the NFL give inside into yet another disturbing instance of the league turning a blind eye to the medical hazards of being a professional football player. One question for the League: When will the players health be more important than the money?


Nick Young’s house gets invaded by Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas hops Nick Young’s fence to harass him and his son all day. This whole escapade was recorded by Arenas on his snapchat story, allowing the world to see his latest example of going too far.

The only explanation I could come up with for why Nick Young would put up with Arenas’ antics was that this article from their Wizard days.


Buster Posey Nails a 60 Footer

As if Bay Area basketball needed to be any better…


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