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Foul for Votto

Votto mad with Reds fan, pulls on his jersey to emphasize the boneheaded play. He later apologizes with a signed ball saying that his action were “out of character.” You can be the judge of whose most at fault?


Busted Nosey

Buster Posey literally goes head first into third. Maybe he just wanted to join his teammate, Hunter pence, in the shiner club.


Bat Tricks

Here are some bat tricks to end the baseball videos on a lighter note.


Dude Perfect

In another addition of Dude Perfect’s series of getting to do fun sports activities, the guys challenge Mike Evans, Tyrann Mathieu and Ezekiel Elliott. With no surprise to anyone the professional athletes show why they get payed to do what they do, even when their doing not what they do…


Rio Games

One of my favorite things about the Olympics is seeing sports that I normally don’t get to see performed at such a high level. Yeah I’ve played Badminton at a backyard family barbecue, but nothing like this…

And my garage pingpong antics will never reach the absurdity of this 41 shot rally.

We have to remember that the Olympics are just as big for athletes parents as it is for the athletes themselves. Here parents of Olympic Gymnast, Aly Raisman, struggle to keep it together as they watch their daughter perform.

Mirroring their reaction, and shirt selection, from 2012.


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