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Nothing but Net

Luke Aikins successfully jumps from 25,000 ft with no parachute. The 42-year-old is a seasoned skydiver, with over 18,000 jumps to his name. His Hollywood stunt credits pale in comparison to this crazy, adrenaline filled experiment.

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Exit Stage Left

After one too many questions about suspended players, Jim Harbaugh abruptly ends a press conference and harks back to Jim Everett turning the table, quite literally, on Jim Rome.


Michael Phelps does it all

Phelps’ 53 yard put, a yard and a half shy of an Olympic size swimming pool, shows how this world class athlete can do more than just dominate the aquatic scene.


Got Him

Brandon Phillips fakes out Juan Uribe with the hidden ball trick. This must’ve been extra scary for Uribe since he was called out with the same trick back in 2013.


The BBC’s brilliant review of Rio 2016

The entire BBC’s coverage of the Olympics has been nothing but spectacular. They captured the grandeur of the event, highlighting the accomplishments of the athletes without having to inject melodrama.  NBC should take note or it will see even more viewers jumping ship in South Korea for the 2018 winter Olympics.

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