Winston puts future at risk with expanding rap sheet

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.13.17 PMJameis Winston:  Heisman Trophy winner, National Champion, and…. shop lifter?

Yes, college football’s most valuable player got caught lifting some crab legs from a Florida grocery store, leading to community service (mopping YMCA floors) and questions about his character.

As a student, I can understand the temptation to do stupid things.  We’re in college, and a lot of the time college students feel that they can get away with almost anything, especially star athletes like Winston.

Even though Winston is being a student, he’s also being a Grade A idiot.  He wasn’t thinking about his future in the NFL.  He wasn’t thinking about his future as an athlete at Florida State.  He wasn’t thinking about anything at all.  

Much like Johnny Football did during the eternal summer of 2013, Winston has now cemented himself in the media as a troublemaker.

It may not have been for drinking and partying, like Johnny was known for doing. Winston’s infamy is for something much worse.   He is guilty of thinking that he is above the law.  This by no means is the first time for Winston to make national headlines in a controversial light.

Late last year, Winston was accused of rape by a student at Florida State.  Tallahassee police investigated (how thoroughly is a matter of further investigation) and found not enough evidence for an arrest.

Guilty or not, Winston keeps finding himself in sticky legal situations.  As a freshman, he has at least one more year to go before he is eligible for the NFL Draft.  His father, Antanor Winston, while accepting some blame for parenting deficiency, did not help his son’s prospects by urging Florida State to provide him a “24/7” chaperone.

What NFL team would want a QB, leader of the franchise, who’s as misguided or unguided as Winston? 

It seems to me that he simply doesn’t care what people think.  He has had success and people in Tallahassee are turning their heads as their superstar quarterback is up to no-good.

For more details, Click here for an article by Rachel Axon of USA Today:


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